Dog sitting and walking

Dog walking is suitable for people
who miss time because of their work, walking the dog as needed. Then simply
order from us our guard walking your dog time what a dog needs. The shortest
time walking is 30 minutes, but can be ordered, 60, 90 and 120 minutes at your

Our agency Canis Cattus deals with dog sitting and walking the dogs in Prague and Central Bohemia.

Dog sitting is done by our skilled guards, who have a positive attitude towards animals and therefore they will
keep your pet as much as you. Your pet friend gets the same care and love as in your home you will provide all relevant information about your dog.How many times a day and how long it runs walking, what your dog likes and then just wrap the things they need. Then you can go where you need.


Catsitting is a specific matter, because cats are known to be reluctant to travel and makes them a challenge to
get used to the new environment. Our agency gives you a choice whether or not to take the cat to guard home or look after your cat in her home.

Sitting small animal

Sitting small mammal is the easiest. Our guards pass your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or other pet at his cage or aguarium, and only tell him about the animals needs  feeding, replacing bedding etc.